For NYSS APS information, contact:
Michael Rogers
(607) 274-3963

The Department of Physics at SUNY Oswego presents a Joint Meeting of the New York State Section of the American Physical Society and the Astronomy Society of New York and the 110th topical symposium. The theme of the symposium is “Astrophysics for the New Century.”

The symposium features talks on cutting edge Astronomy from a wide variety of institutions in New York State ranging from recent advances in gleaned from Cassini, extra-solar planets, interstellar dust, space borne observatories, multi-wavelength observations of planetary nebulae and cosmology.

Prof. Adam Frank of the University of Rochester will give a keynote address on Computational Astrophysics. Other meeting activities include poster sessions with contributions from undergraduate and graduate students and room for contributed talks. We especially encourage undergraduates to attend and submit posters of their work. Best Judged posters will receive cash awards.

On-line Registration Closes on April 21, 2014. Please register before this date.

For local information and program, contact:

Professor Shashi Kanbur
Department of Physics, SUNY Oswego
phone:  315 312 2679

Professor Dale Zych
Department of Physics, SUNY Oswego

phone: 315 312 3044